Friday 20 August 2021

Planning for a long & happy retirement

How to live long & prosper

Follow these steps:

Live long and prosper
1/.  First step, Save Money Retire Early will help you analyse how much you currently spend. 

2/.  Create a Money Machine

3/. Follow the links to posts to books worth reading

4/. Understand Index Funds

5/.  Understand the power of Compound Interest

6/. Retire to Portugal

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Please note: We are not financial advisors, so you need to take independent financial advice. However, be aware that "independent" advisors need to make a living ! There’s an old Wall Street joke told when an investor loses money: “The broker made money and the (brokerage) firm made money – and two out of three ain’t bad.” The broker and the brokerage firm got their commissions or fees and made money, regardless of what the investor made on the broker’s advice. We follow the financial advice from Warren Buffett and Jack Bogle.