Create a Money Machine

The Money Machine concept is a self feeding loop that generates wealth. 

Once you have analysed your outgoings, consider where savings can be made to funnel money into your money machine. 

Analyse your expenditure on this page

First you will need a savings engine, and once you start to accumulate funds, you need a financial goal. 

The money engine is an index fund. We recommend Vanguard. We saved £1420 per year (about $1962 or €1655) just by switching our pension from our pension provider to Vanguard. 

This video explains how index funds work:

For more information about Index Funds, click this link - Index Funds

Once you have saved some money, the second stage is to consider buying some real estate for rental income. 

This video explains how Robert Kiyosaki explained the Rich Dad - Poor Dad book on the Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2013. We followed his advice and it worked for us.  

(In later years, Robert has gone into other investments which we don't endorse such as BitCoin, we're sticking with Index Funds.)